Meet Our Team

Get to Know Our Dedicated Doctors & Veterinary Support Staff

Our Doctor

Dr. Alicia Price Keener

Veterinarian - Medical Director

In practice since 2014

Since a young age, Dr. Price has had an undying love of animals. She tried to doctor and save everything she could, including insects! Dr. Price earned her Bachelor’s degree from West Virginia University in 1995 where she majored in pre-veterinary Animal Sciences. She then obtained her D.V.M. through Tuskegee University’s College of Veterinary Medicine in 1999. She shares a home with her husband Mike, daughter Emily, and son Drew, along with her “mini zoo” which includes 3 dogs, 1 cat, chickens, a bearded dragon, rabbit, crested gecko, leopard gecko, canaries, hamster, 2 hedgehogs, and a koi fish. She is passionate about preventive care and working with the Humane Society.

Our Veterinary Team

Town & Country has been blessed with a team of wonderful people. These are the people who answer the phones, greet clients, go over instructions at discharge, and care for our patients. They are amazing!

Brittany McKinney

Practice Manager

Years in Practice: Since 2013 Brittany joined the clinic in September 2013. She has had animals all of her life, from hamsters and rabbits to cows and horses. She always had a dog in her life, as well. Brittany knew as a seven year old child that she wanted to grow up and help animals. She has lived on a farm since she was ten years old. Being around animals is where Brittany feels most at peace and at home.

Madison Ellis

Veterinary Nurse

Madison grew up in Union County and went on to graduate from UF with a bachelor of science degree, specializing in Animal Sciences. Following graduation, she started working at a local veterinary clinic as a receptionist before becoming a technician. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time wih her animals which consist of 6 cats, 4 dogs, 10 chickens, a turkey, and a pig. 

Vanessa Love

Veterinary Nurse

Years in Practice: Since 2021 ​ Vanessa graduated from the University of Florida with her Bachelors in Animal Science specializing in Food Animal, with a minor in Management and Sales in Agribusiness. Throughout her time at UF, she worked with a variety of species like horses, sheep, pigs, beef cattle, dairy cattle, and small animals, where she learned in depth about their nutrition, growth and development, reproductive physiology and endocrinology, genetics, and more! She has volunteered at a sea bird and sea turtle rehabilitation facility and a local zoo where she spent most of her time working with large primates, especially gorillas and bonobos. After college she worked with a wildlife preserve where she cared for hundreds of wildlife everyday. Vanessa decided it was time to spend more time in the clinical field of veterinary medicine and chose Town & Country Veterinary Clinic to continue her education and learn more about the medical side of animal care.

Taylor McDaniel

Veterinary Nurse

Years in Practice: Since 2021 Taylor started working here in 2021 and is currently a high school student. She is an active member of the FFA and shows cows and hogs. When asking why she loves working here she said, “I love Town & Country Vet Clinic because it’s a great work environment and everyone works as a team. There is nothing better! I love helping animals and learning new things about animal care.”

Abigail Peacock


Years in Practice: Since 2021

Gladys Marrero

Kennel Technician

Originally from Columbia, Gladys loves to spend time with her fur babies Cookie and Bella when she’s not helping out at Town and Country Vet Clinic. She loves to cook and has a heart of gold. 

Our Clinic Mascot

Mega came to the clinic back in 2013 as a kitten who was very, very sick. He was able to pull through his sickness, and in the meantime, won over the hearts of everyone here at Town & Country. He was born with some minor health issues that affect his vision, so he doesn’t see well at all, but somehow has managed to map out the clinic and can find his way around pretty well.

He was also very comforting to us when we lost our first (and, at that time, only) clinic cat “Ilean”. Ilean had been around for almost 13 years when she passed away just recently from Feline Pancreatitis. Mega helped us cope with our loss and has been, once again, emblazoned in our hearts as one of ours.

You may catch glimpses of him when you visit the clinic, although we keep him in our “cat ward” during appointments because he will wander up to any animal that comes in, whether they are friendly or not. If you’d like to meet him, just ask us. He loves meeting new people.